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Effetto Mariposa Flowerpower Wax Chain Lube, 100ml

Effetto Mariposa Flowerpower Wax Chain Lube, 100ml

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Wax-based lubricants are an efficient and clean way to lubricate bicycle chains. With its sunflower seed wax content, Flowerpower Wax uses natural ingredients for record-breaking performance and reliability, all this avoiding fluorinated compounds, graphene and sulphides.


  • Generates solid layer of wax.
  • Exceeds over 50% of wax-to-water ratio.
  • Does not dirty clothes.
  • Resistant to water.
  • No hazardous additives, Biodegradable

How Flowerpower Wax works

Flowerpower Wax creates a solid layer of wax that is interposed between the moving elements of the chain, reducing friction. It’s a water emulsion of natural waxy compounds, with the right viscosity to penetrate inside the chain links, where lubrication is most important. Once the water has evaporated, a thick layer of wax remains firmly anchored to the metal, creating a real anti-friction pad.

The chain will not be dry to the touch - given the layer of wax that also protects the outside - but it will not be greasy or sticky and will not retain dirt.

How to Use?

First application:

  1. Before applying wax emulsions for the first time, it's crucial to thoroughly clean the chain to remove any oily residues.
  2. Shake the Flowerpower Wax bottle vigorously before application.
  3. Apply a drop of wax on each link of the chain while slowly turn the pedals for at least 10 complete revolutions.
  4. Let it dry for at least 2-3 hours.
  5. Apply one drop of Flowerpower Wax per link and turn the pedals to ensure thorough penetration. Let it dry for another 2-3 hours again.
  6. After waiting for the wax to dry and penetrate the chain, you can optionally clean any excess product on the outside of the chain with a cloth.

Successive application:

  1. Simply clean it with a dry cloth and reapply a drop of Flowerpower Wax on each link.
  2. Let it dry for at least 2-3 hours.



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