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Effetto Mariposa Mangiacatena Chain Cleaner

Effetto Mariposa Mangiacatena Chain Cleaner

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  • Minimize the consumption of degreaser.
  • Six retating brushes and sturdy handle.
  • Lamellar elements at both ends
  • Made of shockproof and resistant plastic.

How to Use?

  1. Open Mangiacatena by removing the cover and positioning the lower part on the bottom span of the chain.
  2. Mount the cover, ensuring it's aligned with the lower part, and slide the locking handle in place.
  3. Add degreasing liquid through the upper holes until the lower tank is filled to the "FILL" level line.
  4. Pedal backwards for at least 10 full revolutions while holding Mangiacatena in position.
  5. Mangiacatena allows pedaling in both directions. Keep the rear wheel off the ground for this.
  6. Move Mangiacatena for a second cleaning step on the upper chain span if needed. Repeat degreasing and pedaling.
  7. Disassemble Mangiacatena and empty the liquid. Dispose the degreasers properly.
  8. Water rinse: Mount Mangiacatena on the lower chain span, add water, and pedal for 10 revolutions.
  9. Repeat rinsing until perfect. Rinse Mangiacatena with water and allow to air dry.
  10. Dry the chain and lubricate it with Flowerpower Wax lubricant.
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