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Onirii Semi Hydraulic Disc Brake Set | BR-05

Onirii Semi Hydraulic Disc Brake Set | BR-05

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Vibrant Color Options

Choose from a total of 8 carefully crafted colors, ensuring that there's always one that perfectly complements your bike.

Stealthy Brake Wire Design

Introducing an updated brake wire pulling method, now routed internally. This not only addresses the issue of wire cornering but also enhances the overall feel and braking power for an improved riding experience.

Bilateral Braking

After numerous enhancements and rigorous testing, our BR-05 now achieves a fully optimized bilateral braking effect. Experience superior braking performance and reliability that has been fine-tuned through extensive improvements and thorough testing.

Why choose a Dual Piston Brake?

Unlike conventional single-piston systems that may result in rotor deformation and uneven friction, our dual piston setup ensures the rotor maintains a central position, minimizing deformation, providing smooth friction on both sides, and delivering high braking force consistently. Upgrade to the BR-05 for enhanced braking power and stability.

New Pads, New Experience

Elevate your braking performance with our brake pads, which match the quality standards of Shimano XT. Benefit from the reliability and stopping power you expect, ensuring a smooth and controlled riding experience.

Anatomy of our Brake

User-Friendly Bleeding Design

Introducing our front-to-back oiling method, designed for efficient air evacuation within the brake system. With the convenience of a brake oil fill hole, you can easily perform oil changes and conduct brake maintenance independently. Take control of your bike's performance with the simplicity and accessibility of our user-friendly design.


Material Aluminum Alloy
Brake Pad Dimension (L x W) 32.3 x 16.4 mm
Weight 160g | 176g (adapter)
Frame Mounting Compatible  Front 72mm | Rear 34mm
Brake Oil Mineral Oil
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