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Onirii Titanium Axle Clipless Pedal

Onirii Titanium Axle Clipless Pedal

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Astonishing Weight, Light as Feather

At an unbelievably competitive price, these clipless pedals are only 220 grams, aligning with the same weight class as the Dura-Ace R9100 pedals!

Why choose self-locking pedals?

When pedaling at frequencies of 80-120 rotations per minute, the risk of serious misalignment leading to discomfort and potential knee pain increases. Long rides may result in muscle fatigue. By opting for Self-Lock Pedals, you enhance pedal efficiency and correct pedal angles, leading to a more direct power transfer and improved stability. Experience a ride that is both efficient and comfortable, reducing the strain on your knees and muscles.

What's in the Box?

Ensure a secure and customized setup with our comprehensive accessory kit, featuring everything you need for a reliable and efficient riding experience.

1 x Pedal Lock
2 x Locking Cleats
6 x Screws
6 x Spacers

Installation Instructions

Distinguish between left and right for corresponding installation. Ensure that the locking direction is twisted towards the front. Install the "L" labeled pedal on the left side and the "R" labeled pedal on the right side.

Adjustment Instructions

Twist "-" counterclockwise for a loose fit. Twist "+" clockwise for a tight fit.

Adjust the airtightness according to personal preference for optimal performance based on individual usage.

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